The adventure begins

Leaving in the morning for my grand adventure. Driving from California to Georgia with a ginormous shedding white dog qualifies as an adventure right?

Taking a short break to gather my thoughts before I go back to packing my roof bag on the car. I figure that my clothes will survive the shedding dog better if they are packed in a bag on the rooftop of the car. Either that or I will be depositing my clothes along the highways between California and Atlanta.

Sigh, well there we go. Break is over and back to gathering the items I will need for a few MONTHS away from home.

Perhaps I will find my lost mind???


About Grynnie

I am a 50 something woman restarting her life with a new found sense of joy and freedom. Life is to be enjoyed and is a grand adventure. Who knows what will happen next? Oh yeah, did I mention that I have also been, a daughter, a mother, a wife (twice) but who is counting, an oyster opening jewelry maker, a nursing assistant, a legal secretary, a casino worker, a ski resort worker and a banker. No wonder I get a little confuzzled at times and get distracted by the shinies and fuzzies in the world while I am busy chasing rainbows. I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Oh, well you don't think I had all those jobs in the same place did you? I have lived in (takes a deep breath) California, Mississippi, Nebraska, Hawaii, California (again), Nevada, Utah, Texas, Missouri and am now back in California yet again.

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  1. Lol… Well safe travels. We are traveling from Ks to Ca. Will wave as we pass….. Enjoy the adventure!

    • Too funny! Will be staying at the Grand Motor In in Deming NM tomorrow night. It has fantastic reviews and is very inexpensive. If you see a vehicle with a giant white dog hanging out that’s us!

  2. Pleasant travels away from home. 🙂

    • Well thank you. Driving from California to Georgia with a 120 lb lap dog that is afraid of water in a 6 cyl. SUV with nearly 300,000 miles on it…..what could possibly go wrong? 😉

  3. I am stayed only 200 mtr away from seacoast where cyclone Nilofar hits on medical emergency duty. But at the end everything went well. Cyclone depressed in sea.

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